Terminal illness

Are you dealing with terminal illness? Maybe you feel:

  • Loss of control over a situation once nothing more can be done.
  • Disbelief, anger, confusion as to how it could possibly be the end of their life.
  • Deep sorrow at leaving loved ones behind, especially if young children being left without a parent.
  • A feeling of letting down those left behind, as if failed in some way to beat the illness.
  • Loss of quality of life due to illness.
  • Deep sorrow for lost time and memories never made.

Terminal illness

You can rely on me

I am there to support, understand and be alongside you on your final journey. You can rely on me to be strong for you, to be able to be the person you break down on, unburdening all of your raw emotions, without you having to worry at all about how it is affecting me.

I must be robust enough to do this for you as I may be the only person you have that you can truly open up to and be honest about how you feel. At home you may have to pretend that you are dealing with it much better than you actually are. This can then give you the inner resources to continue to be strong for your loved ones in your final days of life.