Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a deep-rooted self-belief of not being of any value or worth to others or society in general. It usually links back to an insecure attachment with either one parent or both, caused by either neglect, abuse, inconsistency in the care given as a child.

The child then learns subconsciously that they cannot rely on its parent which leads to difficulty as an adult believing or trusting that anybody would want to stay in a relationship with them.

These clients tend to consistently self-criticise their own behaviours and actions, along with constant negative self-talk which refuels their already concrete negative self-belief. They are unable to acknowledge any positive traits that they do possess, or any achievements made through life or experiences.

Low self esteem

How I can help

Together with you I will try to gently explore where this negativity comes from and to what extent it is a learnt behaviour, the aim being to try and get through to the real authentic self within. Furthermore, learning that you as a child were not responsible for the neglect or abuse happening in the first place.

Being consistently valued by me as your counsellor, helping you learn to see things more objectively and how you didn`t have the ability to control what happened to you as a child helps you to understand your place in it all and helps you to then perceive yourself in a more positive light.