Loss and grief

Are you looking for help to come to terms with loss and grief after a loved one dies, a relationship ends or a loss of job?

You might experience feelings of disbelief, confusion, anger, blame, guilt, shame, depression and an overwhelming question of, “If only I’d done something, this wouldn’t have happened”. This in turn can lead to loss of appetite or overeating, (weight loss or gain), difficulty sleeping, being able to concentrate and a lack of meaning/purpose.

I will try to engage you in exploring what part you played in your loss. Was there anything you could have actually done, was it something you could have controlled or not, did you have any sort of choice in the loss you have experienced.

Loss and bereavement

Help through your mourning process

I will be as empathic and authentic as possible, treating you respectfully and with complete sensitivity, offering tentatively my objective perspective helping you understand your situation more clearly, which in time can lead to more acceptance of your loss.